Instrument Engineering and Maintenance

At Mona-Tech we are committed to delivering quality workmanship, excellent customer service and quick turnaround times. Every healthcare facility is unique, therefore, we offer both short term and long term contracts and work closely with our customers to tailor our programs to fit their needs. Our instrument maintenance services minimize downtime to get the most out of your equipment. Our service offerings are designed to help our customers at every stage of their equipment ownership. Feel free to message us or submit job request.

Service Offerings

  1. Presales & Installation Consultancy
  2. Instrument Maintenance Services
  3. Engineering Services Outsourced 

Presales & Installation Consultancy 

We help customers select the right product by ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure eg. Does the facility have the required power supply needed for the efficient operation of the new equipment? Is the installation done properly?

The reality is that all service providers are not the same. Some contractors take shortcuts in order to maximize their profit.  Mona-Tech will be with our customers throughout the entire process, ensuring that the highest quality of work has been done to ensure equipment operates safely and efficiently. 


Instrument Maintenance Services

Mona-Tech provides repairs and maintenance on all medical, lab and specialty equipment. This includes preventative maintenance servicing of equipment, predictive maintenance  (use data from equipment to predict failure before it happens) and corrective maintenance/repairing of the equipment.

We offer multi-vendor maintenance services which allows facilities to work with a single service provider, thus streamlining processes, shortening response times and reducing administrative costs. For medical and specialty lab equipment, suppliers usually provide equipment support for a short period of time, attracting exorbitant repair fees and even recommending replacement of equipment when the warranty period ends. 

Health care facilities usually receive donations from international partners.  Most of the equipment received are not supported by local suppliers. As a result after the ‘handover ceremonies’ some of the equipment does not function as expected and become glorified space holders.  Mona-Tech recognises the need for support for all equipment – whether newly bought or donated. Our team of engineers, technicians and international partners have developed expertise in a wide range of medical and lab equipment and we provide repair and maintenance services ensuring that these donations are put to full use, eliminating the need to overload your limited budget to purchase a replacement.

We will extend the lives of  your old and faithful machines. We also resurrect retired machines. Since 2020, Mona-tech has already saved the Ministry of Health and Wellness over $25 million JMD in equipment replacement by repairing defective equipment that were already processed for disposal. These include ventilators, X-ray machines, patient monitors, suction machines, autoclaves, hospital beds and more. We also allow for customer savings through the reconciliation of spare parts from retired, unfixable machines.


Engineering Services Outsourced

This is the practice of having Mona-Tech provide full or partial engineering support services to our valued clients. This means providing accountability regarding all aspects of engineering including installation, maintenance and repairs while representing your brand. 

Mona-Tech has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge in biomedical, electronic and laboratory equipment maintenance. Our engineers and technicians have over 80 years of combined individual experience in the field of electronics and biomedical engineering and having received training at the highest level. 


Benefits of Outsourcing Mona-Tech Engineering Services

1. Allow you to focus on the core aspect of your business operations and leave the technical work to us.

2. With our state of the art labs, workshops and tools, Mona-Tech already has the infrastructure to support our engineering service offering. Therefore, there is no need for our clients to go through the very expensive and lengthy process of developing their engineering capacity.

3. Access to the wealth of knowledge and experience of highly trained engineers and field technicians at your fingertips ready to fix your problems.

In this model, the client transfers full responsibility of all the functions of the company’s engineering unit or division to Mona-Tech Engineering Services. This is the preferred option for small to medium sized companies who are trying to scale their servicing but do not have the resources to invest in an experienced and knowledgeable inhouse engineering team. Mona-Tech has trained engineers and technicians with both local and international experience. We have state of the art labs developed over the years with a wide range of tools, equipment and systems to diagnose, repair and test biomedical and laboratory equipment. Our website allows our clients to easily report and log equipment issues and follow up on the status of repairs, billing etc. Using information and data from our online maintenance software our field service has increased our rate of  “fix on first visit” .  For the duration of the outsourcing agreement, all subsequent hiring or termination of engineers/technicians is executed by Mona-Tech. Mona-Tech therefore assumes full responsibility for all engineering targets and through an assigned engineer/technician reports directly to the Chief Executive or a designate of the client.  All technical personnel on the project/agreement represent the client exclusively. Their email etc. operates under the banner of the client. Our assigned engineers/technicians will work and breathe your products and services and will interact with your existing staff members as if they were an employee(s) of your company. 


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